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  • All you can eat barbecue

    All-You-Can-Eat barbecue en éen glas wijn, bier, of fris óf onbeperkt fris bij La Colombe. Geniet van verschillende soorten vlees, vis, groenten, salades, brood, friet en meer voor twee uur.

    • All-You-Can-Eat barbecue met een drankje €22,50
    • All-You-Can-Eat barbecue en Drink €27,50

    All-You-Can-Eat barbecue with a glass of wine, beer, soft drink or with unlimited drinks. Get a barbecue at your table and enjoy being your own grill master with a wide variety of meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, fries, salads and different sauces for as long as two hours.

    • All-You-Can-Eat barbecue with one drink €22,50
    • All-You-Can-Eat barbecue and Drink €27,50

    By reservation only. Alleen bij reservering.

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  • André Rieu Menu 2016

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